Protect yourself with a STRONG password

A recent analysis  by a PC Repair Firm indicated that almost 50% of their customers use passwords such as “password” or “123456” for email, and a variety of sites that store their personal data, credit card information, etc.

Many website operators have been restricting the use of “generic passwords” for new subscribers, but the problem still persists for existing users/subscribers. Many website operators are encouraging the use of 12 alpha/numeric passwords for enrollees and customers.


Passwords with 4-6 characters can be hacked on average within 3-6 hours with readily available password hacking software. A 12 character password consisting of both alpha/numeric characters on average will take 170 YEARS!

Is your password “hackable”?  If you use less than 8 alpha/numeric characters, 12 is recommended by most experts, then you are leaving yourself vulnerable!


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